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Once again in full view of the United States Congress and the Media, we are about to
witness the Government's obstruction of justice in this matter, and their refusal to take the
appropriate action against those who broke into Ms. Roberts and her daughter's homes.  
We can only wonder, where those Blacks who are suppose to be Civil Rights Leaders are.
This so called psychiatric evaluation is no more then a ploy to cover up the fact that the
District Attorney has been conducting an illegal wiretapping and surveillance on Ms.
Roberts and her daughter, and that members of the media found out and started to
participate in the surveillance of them also. Mr. Castor as well as the former District
Attorney Michael Marino has been using the Mental Health system here in Montgomery
County, to keep this matter out of court, by claiming Ms. Roberts is incompetent to stand
trial, due to a mental illness. What is really going on is that Mr. Castor cannot let this case
go to trial, because he cannot ever let the public know of the inhumane injustice and
criminal behavior that has been perpetrated against Ms. Roberts and her daughter, by his
office, as well as the FBI and the Media.  Mr. John Kravitz, who is the court appointed
attorney for Ms. Roberts, defended her very successfully against the District Attorney's
request for revoking of her bail last month in Montgomery County Court, before The
Honorable Judge Lawrence A. Brown.
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On January 11th. 2007 I was found
not guilty by reason of insanity by
Judge Thomas M. Delricci. Mr.
John Kravitz my court appointed
attorney, as usual went along with
the DA. This was nothing but a
sham prosecution of me by the
DA's Office and the Judge went
along with it. What is going on in
this county is a disgrace to this
country. They have no respect for
the laws of this country !