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I was Arrested on July 22, 2005 for phoning the District
Attorney of Montgomery County Pennsylvania,
Bruce Castor. I was no more then requesting to know why
my daughter as well as myself are under surveillance. These
are just a few of my many illegal arrests, in this matter.
Below you will find these Arrest reports.    
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Below please find link to statement from
Horsham Police Officer, Robert  Delsoldo, who
after I caught him as well as Dave Wolfman, and
other members of Horsham Police department, as
well as members of Metro Traffic, namely
Anthony Rosato and members of Bright Hope
Baptist Church, illegally breaking and entering
into my home. Robert DelSoldo should have been
prosecuted for perjury after giving this statement.
From 1991 through 1997 my home in Horsham PA. as well as
apartment in Washington D.C . was repeatedly broken into to by
members of Horsham Police dept. and the Media, as well as t he FBI.
My home sustained
extensive  damage.

Below is the estimate of the damages that were done to my home. Also,
the above illegal arrests resulted in my home being sold at sheriff sale,
as well as me losing my apartment in Washington DC where I
relocated after my release from prison. I lost every thing that I owned.
The Government has yet to replace anything due to this injustice.
Below  you will find the documents pertaining to this matter.
The Police Claimed That They Were
Entering My Home At The Request Of
My   Bank, That Is Not The Case. They
Lied.  Below Is The Statement Of The
Attorney Of My Bank, Which Held My
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Below find the motion to revoke my
bail. Dated September 8th. 2005. On
the above arrest dated July 22, 2005.
Judge's Order For Psychiatric
Evaluation To Be Done On November 2,
2005 At Norristown Court House.
Judges Order For Pre-Trial Hearing To
Be Held On November 29th. 2005.        
At Norristown Court House.
A Federal Civil Rights Claim Was Filed By
Me, Dorothiea Roberts Against The
Horsham Police & The United States
Department Of Justice. Below Is The
Subpoenas To That Trial, Which Was Held
On Sept. 28th. 1994
While Fighting These Charges, I Dorothiea Lost
Everything Thing I Owned. Below You Can View,
The Lease To my Apartment In Washington, The
Date my Furniture Was Put Into Storage, Due To
my Illegal Arrest In Washington. I Dorothiea
Roberts Spent Over $ 5,000.00 Dollars Keeping my
Furniture In Storage, Plus my Car. What Is Going
On Here In Montgomery County Penna. Is A
Disgrace To Law Enforcement, And This Country.
Bruce Castor, As Well As The Former District
Attorney, Mike Marino Should Have Been
Disbarred, and jailed Years Ago!
It has been alleged that I Dorothiea Roberts
was lying about the rape and abuse of
children at Bright Hope Baptist Church.
Below find a news paper article dated 11/18/05
about the trial of the music director, who is
accused and on trial for raping children.
On January 11th. 2007 I was found
not guilty by reason of insanity by
Judge Thomas M. Delricci. Mr.
John Kravitz my court appointed
attorney, as usual went along with
the DA. This was nothing but a
sham prosecution of me by the
DA's Office and the Judge went
along with it. What is going on in
this county is a disgrace to this
country. They have no respect for
the laws of this country !
Letter I sent to the Honorable Judge Joseph A,
Smyth. He refused to hear the case against me.
Proving that Justice is stll alive here in
Montgomery County. PA.