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March 07, 2005

Dear Honorable U.S. Attorney General: Mr. Alberto Gonzales,

I would fist like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this letter.

I am writing you today Sir, concerning the illegal wire tapping and surveillance that me
and my daughter have been living under for the last 14 ½ years. I need your help Sir in
this matter. What is going on here in Montgomery County Penna., can only be
categorized as a hate crime. Your immediate attention is warranted in this matter Sir, to
see that justice is finally done, as I stated above this has been going on for 141/2 years!

My name is Dorothiea Roberts. I am a fifty four year old Black Woman. I was born on
July 14, 1950. I have one daughter, named Zenita Henderson who is now age 37. My
daughter and myself have resided in Montgomery County Penna. for approximately thirty
four years, at addresses 2907 Aspen Circle, Blue Bell Penna. We also lived at 2
Jackladder Circle in Horsham Township, were these incidents occurred, and now we are
living in Whitpain Township. In 2001 my daughter, Zenita, bought a home here in
Whitpain Hills, at 301 Whitpain Hills, Whitpain Township, where we have resided for
going on 5 years. I shall try to explain how we came to live here in Montgomery County

In February of 1972 I married, my now ex. husband Sylvester Roberts Jr. I was at the
time living in Philadelphia, and my now, ex. husband was living with his family in
Glenside Penna., which is in Montgomery County Penna. Upon our marriage, I moved to
Montgomery County, because my husband worked in the County, at Western Electric Co.
in King of Prussia Penna. We moved to 2907 Aspen Circle Blue Bell Penna. We were one
of about 10 black families that live in the development in which we rented our townhouse,
in Blue Bell.

In December of 1978 my ex. husband Sylvester Roberts Jr. and myself bought a home in
Horsham Township, which is a predominately white suburb of Philadelphia. Horsham
Township at that time was a very small Township in Montgomery county and 98% white.
There were only about three Black families who owned their own home in Horsham
Township at the time that we bought our home in 1978. There have been many more
black families that own homes there now. We were one of the first families, black or
white to purchase a home in Sawmill Crossing which is the name of the development we
bought our home, there in Horsham. I was made aware of Horsham Township’s Police
departments feelings towards Blacks in Horsham almost immediately after we had bought
and moved into our new home located at No. 2 Jackladder Circle, Horsham Pa. 19040.,
but nothing could have prepared me for the blatant hatred, and violation of our
Constitutional and Civil Rights, that my daughter and I have suffered as a victim of
racism by the Horsham Police Dept., namely Ltd. Robert Del DelSoldo, Sgt. Dave
Wolfman, Sgt. Jon Clark, Officer Douglas B. Bohl and members of the media, Anthony
Rosato and John Brown, and Troy Morris, and others of Metro Traffic, here in Penna. as
well as Metro Traffic in Washington DC., and the District Attorneys of Montgomery
County, Michael Marino, Bruce Castor, and District Justice Richard Price. The former
District Attorney Michael Marino, as well as our present District Attorney Bruce Castor,
have refused to allow me to file a complaint. I tired to file a complaint with the Office of
Attorney General here in Montgomery County Penna. I received a letter from a Mr. John
Burfete, stating that his office did not have the authority to investigate my claim against
the Horsham Police and the District Attorney, and that they could not help me. I also
filed a complaint with the U.S Department Of Justice, in 1995. I received a letter from a
Mr. Deval L. Patrick and a Daniel Mestas of the Civil Rights Division of the Department
of Justice stating that they had investigated and found no violation to my constitutional
rights by the Horsham Police dept. or the District Attorney’s office. I then filed a
complaint with the FBI, again I was told there was nothing that they could do to help me.

This Sir a disgrace on behalf of the Justice Department. They are very much aware of
what is going on here in Montgomery County Penna. as they were in Washington DC. I
feel that their tolerance of this type of hate crime, racism and blatant disrespect for the
Constitutional and Civil Rights of my daughter and myself, is criminal. We as United
States Citizens expect more from our Police, and District Attorneys, and I will not
tolerate or except this kind of treatment from our Justice Department. Both Janet Reno,
as well as John Ashcroft, refused to take responsibility for what is going on here in
Montgomery County. What they are doing to my daughter and myself , can only be
described as psychological torture, as well as a hate crime, against two black women.

For the last 14 years,. My daughter and myself have lived under conditions that can only
be described as illegal and inhumane. I understand that a unwarranted complaint had
been filed against me by State Rep. Louise William Bishop of Penna. and ex.
Congressmen William Gray’s aide William Raymond. This complaint stem from a
incident where a young boy, who along with his family attended Bright Hope Baptist
where William Raymond is a Deacon, was being sexually assaulted. I was told of this
episode by the young boy’s mother, and upon hearing of it I told her she should
immediately notify the Police. I was overheard and William Raymond was told what I had
said, thus the trouble erupted between William Raymond and myself. I at the time did
not even know that the mother of the young boy was talking about William Raymond.
But even if I had known my response to her question as to what she should do about it,
would have been the same. I don’t believe that anyone in this country is above the law.

I have enclosed a chronology of the events that followed. I would have never believed that
this type of racism and injustice could occur and be excepted by any member the justice
or judicial system as it has been in this case. I am very much aware of how all of this all
got started, I am also aware that State Rep. Louise William Bishop upon hearing what I
had said concerning William Raymond sought to help Deacon William Raymond by
spearheading an investigation on me and my daughter. I have never met Louise William
Bishop nor do I know any of the other persons that have filed complaints against me. I
fully understand the motives of the Gray camp and State Rep. Louise William Bishop, but
the Horsham Police and the District Attorney Michael Marino and now Bruce Castor, did
not handle this matter as they should have. Michael Marino and Bruce Castor, excepted
and knowingly prosecuted me on false and perjuries testimony that they both knew to be
false. They knew that members of the Horsham Police Dept. were indeed coming into my
home. They also excepted false diagnoses from doctors that are on county payroll and who
were working closely with his office. Mr. Marino also sought and got funds for doing
illegal wire tapings in the county and the recognition from the media by making false
claims that he had evidence that me, as well as my daughter were engaged in criminal
behavior. Mr. Castor as well as Mike Marino, also bragged that “he could make a case
against me and my daughter out of nothing“.

What is taking place here in Montgomery County is a disgrace to this country and law

Sir I am Praying that you will have this matter fully investigated. out of concern for my
daughter and my rights by the Justice and the FBI. What is going on here in Montgomery
County PA. is very scary, and it should have never been tolerated. Your assistance is
imperative in this matter, to see that justice is done.

With Deepest Respect


Dorothiea  Roberts                    

                                                 Chronology Of Events:

My now ex. husband Sylvester Roberts Jr. and myself purchased a home in Horsham
Township Montgomery County Penna. My husband at the time that we got married had
been raised in Montgomery County. His family owned a home at 307 North Hills Ave. in
Glenside Penna. and he as well as his father were employed at Western Electric Co. in
King of Prussia Pa.. After our marriage I also moved into Montgomery County that was
in 1972 . We had lived at 2907 Aspen Circle Blue Bell Penna. and then at 315 Whitpain
Hills in Whitpain Township. In December of 1978 we bought our home in Horsham
Township. From the start the Horsham Police made it very clear that they did not want
blacks in Horsham Township. The first month that we had moved into our new home, my
husband and myself had his family and coworkers and my friends in for Christmas. We
had ran out of ice and my husband and myself went out to the local 7-11 store to buy
some. My husband and I had just purchased a new car and we were parked on the parking
lot of the 7-11. My husband was in the store buying ice when a Horsham Police car pulled
onto the lot. The Horsham Police Officer noticed me in the car , he didn't say anything to
me he just started looking at the tags and was talking on his Police radio. My husband
came out of the store and he asked him what was the trouble and the Police Officer
asked to see his drivers license and owner's card. My husband asked him what had he
done and the Police Officer said that he just wanted to see some identification or we were
both going to be arrested. The Police Officer was very sarcastic and suspicious and my
husband became angry. My husband showed the Officer his drivers license and the papers
to the car. we had just bought the car and did not yet have an owner's card. The drivers
license that my husband had showed our old address in Whitpain Hills. The Horsham
Township Police Officer wanted to know what we were doing in Horsham Township that
late at night. We told him that we lived in Horsham Township. We told him our address
was # 2 Jackladder Circle. By now there was two other Police cars there and they said
that they had never heard of a Jackladder Circle in Horsham and that we were not telling
the truth about were we lived. We tried to explain that the development that we had
bought our home was new and that they had not yet put up any road signs. They said that
they were going to follow us to the address that we had given them and that if we didn't
live there they were going to throw our black asses in jail because we had no business
being in their Township! Three Horsham Police cars followed us to our home. When we
got there my husband's family and our friends had a fit because the police had followed
us home. The Horsham Police Officers took the tag no. off of all the cars that were in my
drive way and in front of our home that belonged to my husband's family and my friends.
It was disgraceful the way that they treated us. That was our first incident with the
Horsham Police. We had only lived there a month. From then on our relationship with
the Horsham Police was very poor. They often stopped my husband and myself for no
reason. We had thought many times of filing a civil suit against them but we never did.
In 1985 my husband and I separated and my daughter and myself continued to live at our
home at #2 Jackladder Circle in Horsham Township. Things remained the same between
the Horsham Police and the members of my household. They often stopped me or people
that were visiting my home while driving their cars. I decided to rent my home out after
getting laid off from my job. My daughter and I went to stay in Alex. Virginia for a while.
We stayed there for about 4 months then I returned home, and stayed with a girlfriend of
mine, until the people who were renting my home, house that they were building was
finished being built. I would have stayed in Virginia, but I did not want to take my
daughter out of school in Montgomery County. When we returned home things got really
bad between the Horsham Police Dept. and myself. They would park outside the
development where I lived and stop me for no reason. They wrote me so many tickets
that eventually I lost my drivers license. I had just got a new job and I had to drive to
work. I filed a complaint challenging the legality of the tickets, with the Courts in
Montgomery County. Judge Vogel, heard my case and he ordered that all of the monies
that I had paid out for tickets, were to be returned to me, because the Police had profiled
me, and that the traffic stops were illegal. After this things really got bad for me in
Horsham. I suspected that someone was coming into my home, when me and my
daughter were out, but I had no proof. I would return home from work or whenever I
went out and find that someone had entered my home, things would be out of place, and I
could tell that someone had been in my home. I asked the Horsham Police to keep an eye
on my home, because I suspected that someone was breaking into it, but they said that
there was nothing they could do, unless I knew who was breaking in.

In 1990 a friend of mine invited me to attend Bright Hope Baptist Church in Philly were
she and her family are members. My daughter and myself went that Sunday to hear her
sing. My daughter and Myself visited at Bright Hope often after that, and eventually we
joined the Church. It was during the orientation as a new member of the Church that I
met Deacon Bill Raymond. He seemed very nice and was interested in all of the new
members. During our first meeting we talked about many things. I told him that I was
divorced and that I owned a home in Montgomery County. He seemed to be really
concerned about me. I told him that since my divorce, I had been trying to keep my home
going by myself, and that though it was hard to do, that God had always made a way. He
told me that keeping the house by myself might not be what God would have me to do,
because it might be to much for me financially. After that conversation he would always,
when ever I would run into him at Church, ask me how I was making it out with my
home, and if I ever wanted to sell my home to let him know first , because the Church
often bought homes from it's members. I told him that I had no intentions of selling my
home. He told me that if I ever did change my mind to come to him. He even wanted to
know how much I owed on my home. He said he knew the area in which I lived and that
the homes were worth a lot. He told me not to be ashamed to come to him if I need any
help, that Rev. Gray was a Congressman and that he often helped members of the
Church with their problems concerning their real estate, as well as other issues. He kept
trying to pressure me to tell him about my financial situation and how much I owed on
my home. I was very uncomfortable with this conversation so I always just told him that
if I ever decide to sell my home I would let him know, and I would try to change the
subject. I did not feel that Deacon Raymond had any right to press me for my personal
business. Deacon Raymond would often call me at home and ask how I was doing, but the
conversation would always end with him asking about my home and had I decide to stay
on there and wasn't to much of a responsibility for me alone. I would always tell him as I
had told him before, that should I plan to sell my home I would let him know! Then one
Sunday Deacon Raymond saw me in the hall of the Church right before services had
began and he asked me to stay after the service was over that he wanted to talk to me. I
had no idea of what he wanted to say to me, I agreed. I thought he had wanted to talk to
me concerning some business about the Club that I belonged to there at the Church.
When we met Deacon Raymond informed me that he had been told that I had filed a
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and that I was going to lose my home and that he wanted to help
me. He went on to say that he had somebody that might want to buy the house from me
and that I should think about it ! I was outraged ! I asked him how did he know about my
personal business. He just laughed and said that he had ways, that Congressman Gray
always knew who was in his Church or something like that. I told him that I did not
think that my home or finances was any of their business and that I was very hurt that
they were prying into my business. I was very hurt and angry, Deacon Raymond kept
telling me not to be angry that he wanted to help me. I told him that I felt that he had no
right to pry into my life. He tired to explain to me that Congressmen Gray had to know
who was in his Church because of his position as Congressman and for Security reasons
and that it was no big thing.

I left the Church that day feeling very upset about this conversation. He tired to call me
on the phone several times that evening at my home, but I would not talk to him. I
continued to attend Church there but I tried to avoid Deacon Raymond. About 3 mos.
later as I was standing in the Church hallway, when a woman, that had joined the Church
the same time as my daughter and myself, came up to me in tears. I tried to get her to
tell me what was wrong. finally she told me that she expected that there was a man in the
Church that was doing things to her son that was improper. I was astounded, I asked her
had she been to the Police? She was so upset and crying so loud that other people in the
Church hallway were coming over to us. I kept telling her not to cry and that she should
have called the Police. A woman by the name of Ms. Boyer, who is was an elderly woman
in the Church came up while I was trying to console her, and heard me say that she
should have called the Police. Mrs. Boyer asked her what was she so upset about and who
was I telling her to call the Police on. She told Mrs. Boyer that she knew that her son had
been assaulted by someone in the Church. Mrs. Boyer became very upset also, she asked
her who did she think would do such a thing? The woman said that she knew it was
Deacon Bill Raymond. At this Mrs. Boyer said that she didn't believe the woman and that
I had better watch giving advice to people to call the Police. She went on to say that she
had been a member of the Church for 37 yrs. and that she had known Bill Raymond since
he was a baby! She said that she was going right away and tell Congressmen Gray before
this got any further. She went running towards the Church office.

From then on Deacon Raymond never spoke to me again in Church. About this time
there was a rumor spread around the Church that there was a woman in the Church who
was going to be arrested soon, that she had used about 33 different names and that she
had been to jail and was under investigation for bank fraud , insurance fraud, arson, and
all type of things. Everyone was talking about it and wondering who it was. Then I got a
call one night at home from Deacon Raymond, he told me that I had better watch myself
and that he had heard what I had told that woman, she should have done called the
Police. He told me that I should be the last one to tell anyone to call the Police, because
he had found out everything about me and that he had a friend named Anthony who did
the traffic reports for radio and that he was friends with members of the Horsham Police
Dept. and that he knew that I was being investigated for all sorts of things. I told him
that was a lie, I also told him not to call my home anymore. He just laughed, and said
that I was not going to have any home soon that he had taken care of that! He then hung
up. I did not go back to the Church again after this.

It was about this time that my home started to be illegally entered. I had joined another
Church and came home from Bible studies one night to find that my front door was open.
my home had been entered and ransacked. Things were broken everywhere. I called the
Horsham Police but they would not come to my home. I was outraged! I was told to find
out if any thing was stolen and to make a list and send it to them, but not to call them
because they were not coming to my home. I could just send them a list of any thing that
was destroyed. The Police Offiicer that was on the phone just laughed and told me that
they would only come to my home if caught the person who broke in to my home and
kept them there till they got there! This was just the start of everything that has happen
in my life for the last 14 1/2 years. I have tired unsuccessfully for the last 7 1/2 years to
find out the nature of their complaint but the District Attorney here in Montgomery
County Penn . Bruce Castor, as well as the former District Attorney, Michael Marino, has
refused to tell me. My home has been repeatedly broken into by those that the District
Attorney has hired to investigate me and when I complained to him about it, I was
arrested for harassment and making terrorist threats against members of the Horsham
Police Dept., Clarence Blair & Anthony Rosato, and other members of Metro Traffic Inc.
I have spent almost three years in prison off and on for the last 14 years, and the District
Attorneys here in Montgomery County even had me committed to a mental hospital .

I moved to Washington D.C. in May of 1997, with the hope of starting my life over there
with my family, but the wire tapping and breaking into my home there continued. After
my having caught a member of Metro Traffic illegally entering into my home in
Washington, I was arrested there in Washington on the charges of Terrorist Threats .
They claimed that they had me on tape threatening them . This was not so! They only told
this lie to get me arrested. The Judge there in Washington later dismissed the case after
they could not produce the tapes. I was represented in this case by a court appointed
Lawyer . I have tired to file a Freedom of Information Act to find out what is going on.

1- On August 11, 1993. I was arrested at my home located at no. 2 Jackladder Circle,
Horsham, Penna. 19044 by Sgt. Robert DelSoldo and other members of the Horsham
Police Dept. and two men from the Emergency Services Mental Health staff from building
50 of Norristown State Psychiatric Hospital in Norristown Penna.

2. - I was taken before Judge Richard Price the Horsham Township`s District Justice, for
a Preliminary Hearing. I was not represented by an Attorney . I was not read my rights. I
was only told that a Criminal Complaint had been filed against me by Anthony Rosato of
Metro Traffic, Network Services Inc., and that I was being arrested on the charges of
Stalking, Terrorist Threats and Harassment by Communications against Anthony Rosato
. I was outraged, because for the last two years, I had been telling the Horsham Police
and the Montgomery County District Attorney, Michael Marino, that Sgt. Robert
DelSoldo and other members of the Horsham Police Dept. and members of Metro
Network Traffic Services, as well as members of Bright Hope Baptist Church has been
illegally entering into my home.

3.- Members of the News Media and the Papers were present in the Court room. District
Justice Richard Price refused to allow me my right to waive my Preliminary Hearing . He
said that I better not open my mouth , that he was going to teach me a lesson because I
had continued to insist that members of his Police Dept. and Anthony Rosato, etc.,. were
breaking and illegally entering into my home. It was alleged that I had went to Metro
Traffic Network Services in Phila., and that I had entered into their suit of offices,
announced to the receptionist that I was there to kill Anthony Rosato Then threaten to
shot the receptionist then made it pass their security and into their studios and that once
in the studio I had to be removed from the studio by the Police and the Security on the
premises. None of this is the truth. The truth is that I never entered into Metro Traffic.
Metro Traffic at the time of this alleged incident was located in a one room apartment.
They had no receptionist and I never was removed by any Police dept. or Security Officer.
The fact is I never even entered Metro Traffic. I had only stood in the hallway of the
apartment and knocked on the door. It was answered by a young man who told me when I
asked for the station manager that he was not there. I then told the young man to please
tell Anthony Rosato to stay out of my home. I did not have a gun nor did I threaten
anyone. Because of this incident I was arrested on a complaint filed against me by
Anthony Rosato. The District Attorney’s own witness at the time of my trial stated that I
had never entered into Metro Traffic and that I had not been removed from their studios
by anyone. The District Justice Richard Price refused to listen to this witness, and I was
then ordered that I be taken to the Norristown State Hospital , building # 50 for a
Psychiatric examination . Judge Richard Price also stated that Sgt. Robert DelSoldo , who
is one of the Police Officers that I had identified as having been one of the Police Officers
that I had seen breaking into my home, had already made the arrangements and that he
had already committed me involuntarily. I was also told that my Bail of one hundred
thousand dollars , would be raised even higher if I managed to raise the $100.000.00 .
Judge Price said that he was making by Bail high so that if I didn’t be recommitted by the
Doctors at Norristown State Hospital, I would still be kept in jail. I told Judge Price that I
had never been in jail or in any Mental Hospital or had any mental illness. He just
laughed and said he was going to teach me a lesson.

4.- After this Hearing before Judge Richard Price, Sgt. Robert DelSoldo transported me
to the Emergency Services Building 50 of Norristown State Hospital. The men who Sgt.
Robert DelSoldo had bought to my home from Building #50 would not transport me,
because they said they saw no reason to committee me to the facility, and they left after
the Hearing . One of the men told me that I had better get an Attorney fast, and that he
nor his men were going to have anything to do with me as far as committing me. On our
way to the Norristown State Hospital in the Police car, Sgt. Robert DelSoldo kept laughing
at me. He told me that "I should have taken his advice and got my black ass out of that
house when he told me too.” He told me that he had to “de - house me”, because I didn’t
listen to him" He also told me that " he hoped that the doctors when he got me to the
hospital shot me up with drugs and give me a frontal lobotomy ". He went on to say how
no one was ever going to believe me, when I tell them that he or Anthony Rosato, or
anybody else broke into my home. He told me how well liked Anthony Rosato was in
Montgomery County, and that nobody was going to take the word of a "black crazy ass
woman" over his. He also told me " that he was going to see that I spent years in the
Mental hospital and the County jail, he kept saying " I should have gotten my black ass
out of that house while I had the chance".

5.- When we arrived at the Hospital I was spoken to by a Psychiatrist by the name, Dr.
Venu Merkeejee. Dr. Merkeejee told me that she had already read the Police report
prepared by Sgt. Robert DelSoldo, and she had also talked to him earlier that day and
that she didn’t believe that him or anyone else had broken into my home. She said that
she believed that I had stalked Anthony Rosato and that not only was Anthony Rosato
and Robert DelSoldo not coming into my home, she said that I was a liar and a very sick
woman and she was going to help me! I kept trying to tell her that I was not telling a lie.
After no more than 20 mins. of her telling me that she didn’t believe me, She diagnosed
me as being dangerous to myself and others and Delusional. She then committed me to
Norristown State Hospital. I was devastated. I could not believe that Dr. Merkeejee whom
I had never met before in my life and who knew nothing about me other than the lies and
half truths that Sgt. Robert DelSoldo had wrote in the Police report would make such a
diagnosis of anyone. I tried telling her that Sgt. DelSoldo was just trying to stop me from
trying to file a complaint against him because I had caught him leaving out of my home
after he had searched it with out a warrant. She wouldn’t believe me! She told me that
she was going to keep me there in the Hospital until I started thinking clearly, and
stopped accusing Sgt. Robert DelSoldo and Anthony Rosato and other of illegally
breaking and entering into my home.

6.- On August 17, 1993 seven days after Sgt. Robert DelSold had 302 me into Norristown
State Hospital, a Mental Health Hearing was held at building # 50 . I was not represented
by an Attorney. Sgt. Robert DelSoldo testified that I had stalked Anthony Rosato and
that I had phoned him hundreds of times, all of this is a lie. I tired to tell the Doctor by
the name of Rico Nell that Sgt. DelSoldo had made up the story because I had caught him
in my home. Dr. Venu Merkeejee was there and also testified that she didn’t believe me
and that none of it happen that I was Delusional. She also said that because I had refused
to take the medication by the name of Hadol that she had prescribe for me that, she was
recommending that I be recommitted for an additional 90 days for further treatment. I
tried to explain that I didn’t even drink and that I had never taken any drugs. Dr. Rico
Nell said that she agreed with Dr. Merkeejee that I needed further treatment. On August
17th. I was again involuntarily committed to Norristown State Hospital, only this time I
was committed to Building # 1 which is the Civil section of the hospital, for persons who
have yet to go to trial. I will never understand how these Doctors were treating me for
Stalking and Terrorist Threats and I had never been to Court where my guilt or
innocence could be determined. I had no money for an Attorney. I remained in
Norristown State Hospital for 90 more days before I was released. In the mean time my
daughter got an Attorney, who got my Bail reduced from $ 100,000.00 to 9,500.00. I used
my home as collateral.

7.- On October the 26th. 1993 a Petition for Habeas Corpus was filed and a Hearing was
held before The Honorable Judge William Vogel at the Norristown Court House in
Norristown Penna. The charges of Stalking were ordered stricken from my record. I
notified Dr. Rocio Nell that the charges of Stalking had been dismissed against me, but
she still insisted that even about this I was not telling the truth . In the mean time I
found out that a Police Office on the Horsham Police Dept. had broken into my home and
installed a phones and was doing a surveillance of my home by Cell Phone. They claimed
that the reason that they were doing this was because of a complaint against me by a
Louise William Bishop who is a State Representative and Bill Raymond of Bright Hope
Baptist Church and a Rev. Clarence Blair. I have never met Ms. Bishop or Clearance
Blair. I only knew Bill Raymond from attending Bright Hope Baptist Church.

8.- On March 6th. 1995 Trial on the charges of Terrorist Threats and Harassment by
Communications began, before Judge Lawrence A. Brown. By this time I had spent all of
my savings, my home was in foreclosure and I didn’t have an Attorney to represent me. I
tired to represent myself, and even though the Judge knew from the testimony that was
given before him that Sgt.. Robert DelSoldo and Anthony Rosato were committing
perjury, he allowed their testimony to stand. I had presented the Transcripts of Notes of
Testimony from my Habeas Corpus Hearing, that clearly showed that the Police reports
that I was arrested on was nothing but lies. Judge Brown would not allow me to present
these notes of Testimony into evidence at this Bench Trial. I was found guilty and
sentencing was continued until a Pre sentence Probation Report and a Psychiatric
examination was done. I was remand to the Montgomery County Correctional Facility to
await a bed once again at Norristown State Hospital , Building # 51 which is the Forensics
Unit. I was held at the prison in 24 hr. lock for 90 days, then I was sent to the Norristown
State Hospital. I stayed at Norristown State Hospital until October of 1995. Then I was
sent back to the prison. I was then sentenced to time served to 23 months and was given
1 year Probation, and ordered as a condition of my Probation not to call the Horsham
Police Dept. I was found guilty of violation of Probation three times because I continued
to call Police whenever my home was entered by these people. They continued to enter
into my home while all the time the District Attorney, Michael Marino vigorously
prosecuted me for Harassment of them. Michael Marino allowed and encouraged them to
committee perjury in Court, on Police Reports. Michael Marino indeed knew that these
Police Officers and members of the media, were entering into my home, yet he allowed
them to lie about it under oath. Which can only be considered Obstruction of Justice,
Extortion. and a Sham prosecution to cover up the illegally breaking and entering into my
home by their agents Anthony Rosato of Metro Traffic, etc. and the rape and abuse of
children at ex. Congressman William Gray's the Church by Bill Raymond. I was released
from prison again in April of 1997 after spending 6 months in the County Jail on a
violation. By this time my home had been sold at foreclosure sale, I was in Prison when
this happen, and I lost everything I had owned. I moved to Washington D.C. in May of
1997. My address was 3506 Commodore Barney Drive, NE. Washington D.C. my phone
continued to be tapped there and my apartment was repeatedly entered. I was aware in
Washington as I was aware here in Penna. that the equipment that is being used to
monitor my phone is able to be picked up by radio and TV stations. This is what I was
complaining to Michael Marino’s Office about! I was sent back to Montgomery County
Correctional Facility on December 12, 1997 on a parole violation. Dr. Ricio Nell then after
5 mins. of talking to me again 302 me into Building # 51 of Norristown State Hospital,
where I stayed for 60 days. On May 21st. 1998 I was returned to Montgomery County
Correctional Facility after having been found competent to stand trial for the violation of
Probation. I was scheduled for trial on June 1st. but the Public Defender that I met for
the first time on May 26th. 1998 a little less then a week before my trial, said that he
didn’t agree with the Doctors at Norristown State Hospital, that I was competent to stand
trial and that he wanted me sent back to the Hospital for another evaluation. Dr. Ricio
Nell agreed with my Court appointed Attorney Mr. Mike Kulishoff and she 302 me again
for another 60 days at Norristown State Hospital . The Doctors sent me back to the
Prison, after this 60 days was up but Dr. Ricio Nell said that I still was incompetent to
stand trial, and sent me back once again to the hospital, because I refused to say that I
the police hadd broken into my home. I remained in Prison and Norristown State Hospital
for 1 year. I was released from Norristown State Hospital on November 24th. 1998. My
trial was scheduled 3 times, but my court appointed Attorney, Mr. Mike Kulishoff who
works very close with Building 50 and Michael Marino, refused to defend me. He said that
there was nothing that He could do, that we had to go along with the District Attorney
and Dr. Nell. On November the 24th. 1998 a trial was held and I was found guilty of the
charges and sentenced to time served. When I got home from jail, my daughter had
moved into an apartment and I went to stay with her. I discovered that they had wired
her apartment also, even while I was in jail, they had her under surveillance. Her
apartment was continuously broken and entered, and been under Constance surveillance
by helicopters and planes. I tired to contact Ltd. Robert Del Soldo of the Horsham Police
Dept. to find out how to resolve this matter, but that only bought about my arrest again.
My daughter has now bought this house, the wire tapping and surveillance, is still going
on. I have been arrested 3 times since she bought this house, in the last 4 years, for
harassment. The District Attorney, Bruce Castor, feels that he can have members of
Metro, Media, or whoever he has doing the surveillance, break Into my daughter’s and
my home, and if we ask why then he charges me with harassment. Bruce Castor is a
disgrace to the judicial system as was Mike Marino. Bruce Castor has told people that
what he is doing here in my daughter’s home is “not law, but television” Sir, I have nor
ever will see this as television as Castor does. Castor as well as Mike Marino, should have
been disbarred years ago for what they have done, to my daughter and myself. There is
not a minute that this has been going on, have I not knew about it!

I am outraged at the injustice and racism that has been shown my daughter and myself,
here in Montgomery County. The blatant disrespect that the District Attorney, Michael
Marino and Bruce Castor, has shown for my constitutional rights is a disgrace to the
Judicial System. I know that the reason that Mike Marino and Bruce Castor, thought
that they could do a sham prosecution of me is because I am black and did not have an
Attorney and to gain the favor of ex. Congressmen Gray and others ! They allowed
Robert DelSoldo and other members of the Horsham Police Dept. as well as members of
Metro Traffic, and Bright Hope Baptist Church, and others in the media to illegally enter
into my home, then he prosecuted me for opposing it. I have never met Louse William
Bishope, nor have I ever threaten her or anyone else I know that all of this happen as
and act of retaliation from William Gray for my having encouraged a mother to report
the rape of her son. Mr. Marino`s as well as Bruce Castor’s office lied and bragged about
the wire tapping that is going on in this county. Mr. Marino and Bruce Castor, has been
doing unwarranted wire tapings to get federal money, and media attention. The media has
went off the deep end in what they think they can do to my daughter and myself. They
feel that they can listen, enter, into my home and that if I or my daughter, so much raise
the question of legality of why they are being allowed to by the FBI and Bruce Castor,
they feel that we should be arrested instead of them, the media, who are breaking into
our home. What is going on here in Montgomery County is a disgrace! There is so much
more to this than I can ever tell you here. They think that they are above the laws of this
country. Had anyone had asked the District Attorneys, or the media or anyone else for
proof of any of the claims against me they would not be able to prove that my daughter or
I had every done anything illegal. They are all so sure that no one will never ask. What is
going on here in Montgomery County PA. is a disgrace. Please Sir, It is imperative that
this matter must be addressed.

With Deepest Respect,
Dorothiea Roberts

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To The Commander and Chief of the United States of America
President George W. Bush
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Office Of Attorney General Of Pennsylvania
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The Federal Bureau Of Investigation
Director Robert S. Mueller
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
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