I would first like to make clear that I am, nor have I ever been very good at writing. But I feel that the
events that have taken place in the life of my daughter and myself over the last 18 years are so
horrifying and devastating, that I must take on this endeavor, in an attempt to tell my story. I sincerely
Pray that by me exposing those that did this blatant and inhumane act of violence, terrorism, hatred,
perversion, and racial intimidation against my daughter and myself, that they will never dare try and
perpetrate it against anyone else.

I have no need to change the names of the people whom I will be mentioning here to protect the
innocent. There is none that was involved in this horrendous, appalling racists situation, and who are
committing these vile acts of racism against us that are innocent. I know that by not telling what has
taken place here Montgomery County Penna. in our lives for the last 19 years, would be to concede to
their inhumane, immoral, despicable and ruthless, lawless and racist behavior. I realize that there will
be some who upon reading my story will not believe it, and some who will feel that it could never happen
to them.

I want you to know that the story I am about to tell you, every word is true and by you thinking it could
not happen to you is denial, and makes you very vulnerable to the horridness assault on all of our very
basic civil and human rights, that has been mandated by this administration that now holds office, and
our congress that are supposed to protect us, but who have handed over our liberties and constitutional
rights to this arrogant, totalitarian and extremist administration, who have not only plunged us into an
unnecessary war that seems to have no end, but while claiming to be about the business of establishing
freedom in other countries are destroying the very basics of our freedom and fundamental rights here in
America. I should know, my daughter and myself have spent everyday for the last 19 years fighting for
our freedom, which was so brutally taken from us in 1991.

Since the horrors of 9-11 we have heard much about the new office of Home Land Security, and their
expansive powers to monitor American citizens, but I wonder how many of you really are truly aware
that employing the type of security such as wiretapping, sneak and peek searches of our homes and
businesses, and the intrusion into our medical records, and financial records etc. has and will continue to
lead to the complete violation of our Constitutional Rights as citizens of this country. I know full well
what this type of surveillance can and will do to harm you, because my daughter and myself have been
the target of such a surveillance and investigation by our government. The blatant disrespect, lies and
manipulation of the judicial system, that we have been exposed to has been the most single
demoralizing, and devastating experiences of our lives.

"The privacy and dignity of our citizens [are] being whittled away by sometimes imperceptible steps.
Taken individually, each step may be of little consequence. But when viewed as a whole, there begins to
emerge a society quite unlike any we have seen -- a society in which government may intrude into the
secret regions of a [person's] life." -- Justice William O. Douglas  - (1898-1980), U. S. Supreme Court
Justice Source: Osborne v. United States

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"Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people." (August 1765) John Adams .

I hope that after reading my story, and the horrifying events that took place in my life and that of my
daughter's, you will avoid the horrific situation that my daughter and myself found ourselves in, due to
the arrogance, ignorance and corruption of the former District Attorney Michael Marino, and Bruce
Castor the present District Attorney here in Montgomery County, PA. Michael Marino and Bruce
Castor, and the Horsham Police department, and members of the media namely Metro Traffic as well as
various televisions news stations, which through their zeal to get a news story even to the point of
inventing one, has made my daughter and my life a living hell for the last 19 years.

The District Attorneys both Michael Marino, and Bruce Castor, here in Montgomery County Penna.,
have engaged in prosecute misconduct, obstruction of justice, perjury, illegal wiretapping, and
unwarranted surveillance's of both my home and my daughter's and breaking and entering into our
homes both here in Montgomery County PA., as well as in Washington DC., as well as a host of other
crimes involving this case. Both Presidents Clinton, and George Bush, as well as President  Obama's
administration, and members of Congress and Senate, and our Governors, and State Attorney Generals,
as well as the Attorney Generals of The United States, under all of the above administrations, including
Eric Holder, F.B.I., N.S.A. etc.,  knew of this illegal action taken against my daughter and myself, and
condoned it, and did nothing. William Clinton, and Eric Holder the new Attorney General, under
President  Obama, even claimed that I am not an American Citizen, in order for them to allow it, when
he was Assistant Attorney General under Clinton. What we as citizens, are not being told, that this
government is doing to our rights as citizens is scary!

Please click on the icon below, to read letter of complaint that I sent to the Attorney General, Alberto
Gonzales, during the Bush administration. It fully explains all that is happening to me and my daughter.
It is all true, and until we all wake up, it will continue to happen to " We The People". We must stand
together as a Nation, and fight for our rights, as American Citizens.

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